About Us

Why The Blu Pig?

Just say the word barbeque and watch the room light up. Barbeque Gurus are the most competitive, passionate and friendliest group of people in the food industry! They travel for days to compete, stay up all night to mop and enjoy nothing more than watching your reaction when you taste their food.

Some folks have asked me why “The Blu Pig”? The most obvious reason is the huge void left after Lynn and Roger departed Moab some 8 years ago taking Fat City Smokehouse with them and leaving us Moabites without BBQ. Sure a few restaurants have a Pulled Pork sandwich or some ribs, but nobody took on BBQ full bore (pun intended) with all the fixin’s— until now. Secondly, Blues and BBQ go hand and hand. Oh and I need to mention, my granddaughter’s middle name is Blu. So Blu represents blues music and pig represents BBQ, the end result is “The Blu Pig,” a BBQ and Blues Joint!!!

Here at The Blu Pig, we pride ourselves in serving the freshest, best tasting, food we can prepare. We prepare brines, rubs, and mop Sauces. Then, we slow cook on low heat using hardwoods for hours and hours until we have the most tender, “fall off the bone” ribs or tender, moist, yummy Tri-Tip. With all that smoky goodness right in front of you, we have a number of different homemade barbecue Sauces to choose from. As for the fixin’s, we prepare all the traditional sides that you would expect to complement your BBQ. Most of these recipes are straight from my kitchen; others are from family and friends. Yes, it is so, that everybody’s tastes are different. I believe we have the right combination of lip-smackin’ recipes that make us stand out from the rest.

The Blu Pig is a family-owned and operated restaurant. We believe in treating you as company. We strive to make you happy, fill your bellies and have you wondering “what will I try the next time”. So, I invite you to come to The Blu Pig and try our BBQ. I feel confident you will have a
wonderful meal served to you by friendly staff. Hope to see you soon at “The Blu Pig”, also known to the locals as “The Pig”.

Penny Tanner

Open Daily 11:30am - Close
The Blu Pig
811 South Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532